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Maximize your dollars with these budget friendly strains. Guaranteed to deliver a punch at half the price!

Nov 22nd Batch

One of our best selling products! Our Premium Shake is a house blend of our AA - AAA grade flowers. This mix is great for cooking, turning into oil, extracts, or as a topper for your joint. While the Premium Shake can be smoked directly, it is primarily recommended for cooking. As the mix is always changing the taste and quality can differ slightly from each batch. Please note: as this is a budget product we do not offer refunds or replacements on this product. Learn more. Strain(s): Death Bubba, Jack Herer, Cactus Breath, Hulk Breath, Purple Kush Batch Date: November 22nd, 2021 Type: 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid. Notes: The classic smell of Death Bubba with a hint of citrus. THC Level: ~17% Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here.

Nov 22 Batch

Just look at the beautiful mix of colours and crystals. Our Platinum Shake is a house blend of our AAA-AAAA flowers. Expect an amazing nose smell of citrus, earthy tones, with hints of diesel. This mix is great for cooking, turning into oil, extracts, or as a topper for your joint. The Platinum Shake can even be smoked directly! As the mix is always changing the taste and quality can differ slightly from each batch. Please note: as this is a budget product we do not offer refunds or replacements on this product. Learn more. Strain(s): Northern Lights, Pink Kush, God's Green Crack, Blueberry, OG Kush Batch Date: November 22nd, 2021 Type: 50/50 Indica:Sativa split. Notes: Sweet & piney smell with a hint of diesel. May contain some small buds. May contain some stems attached to buds. THC Level: ~19% Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here.


Our best seller gets even better! Upgraded in March 2021 with small to medium full sized buds and our Platinum Shake. The Diamond Mix uses a combination of AA+ to AAA+ quality strains with a 50/50 mix of Platinum Shake + buds. This is a great way to stretch your budget and get the most bang for your buck! Buy 2 ounces or more and get our Premium Hybrid Kief for free! NOTE: As this is a budget product there may be some seeds from the shake. Strains: Mango Sapphire, Special K, Ice Cream Cake + Platinum Shake. Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here.


(AA+) Blueberry


Often described as a “one hit and quit” strain, Blueberry is notably potent, even for experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Users are quickly struck with a sense of physical heaviness that may be disorienting in situations that require mobility or coordination. In relaxed settings, this physical sensation can translate into a therapeutic calmness, allowing users to unwind after a long day or week of work. The sativa genetics confer some slight mental effects, but these take the form of euphoric uplift more than of cerebral thoughtfulness; smokers may feel chatty or even giggly. Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here.

Budget Deal!

Pink Rockstar is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the potent Pink Kush X Rockstar Kush strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance and celebrity parentage, Pink Rockstar is the perfect bud for any indica lover who wants a high level of potency behind their medicine. This bud has beautifully dense and tight minty green nugs with bright pink undertones, lots of orange hairs and a coating of pink-tinted white crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each sticky and sparkly little nugget, aromas of fresh sweet woods and spicy flowers are released, all wrapped up with a spicy diesel overtone that turns pungent as the nugs are burned away. Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here. As this is a budget product it may contain some seeds.


Perfect to protect up to 3.5g (an eighth) of flowers or your pre-rolls. Boveda Size 1 fits in daily-dose tins, vials, medicine containers and small bags. Have more flower? Boveda is available for every container size and stage of storage or transport. Experience for yourself how much better cannabis is with Boveda.


Gorilla Bomb is a rare slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the infamous THC Bomb with a phenotype of Gorilla Glue #4. With Gorilla Bomb, get ready for a super potent high that roars into both mind and body with a hard-hitting potency thanks to its super high 26-31% average THC level. The Gorilla Bomb high explodes in your brain first, launching it into a lifted energetic state that fades in and out of focus. Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk options here. This batch contains only small buds and is a budget strain. May contain some stems or seeds. Refunds or exchanges are not offered on this strain.

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Bundles & Mix n' Match

Flash Welcome Pack


Welcome to Flash Buds Company! Unbeatable prices and white glove service isn't just a tagline, it's how we operate. We truly believe in customer satisfaction. To bring you into the Flash Family we offer all our customers a sample Welcome Pack allowing you to try various products at a discounted price. This pack allows you to select up to 5 products to try out from our extensive menu. Check out our How to Order page to get yourself familiarized with our shop! Note all sampler buds are limited to 1g each. If you have any questions please reach out to us at our contact page. Remember to review our Terms & Conditions as well as our delivery options. Limit to one per customer.


AAA &  AAAA grade flowers from our inhouse selection of strains. This mix contains popcorn nugs, bag bottoms, and high quality shake. Use popcorn buds to press rosin, increase the potency of your edibles, or to roll/smoke/vape. Popcorn buds might not pop in the package, but they taste and feel nearly identical to their more expensive counterparts.

Upgraded deal!

Bundles & Mix n' Match

The Shake Shack


A great way to try our newest offerings mixed with some Flash Buds classics! The Shake Shack bundle comes with:

  • An ounce of our best-selling Premium Shake & an ounce of our most popular Platinum Shake.
  • Pick two of the following: eighth of any listed strain, concentrates, extracts, Elevated Wellness syringes, or a delicious edible treat.
The best part of this bundle? The strains are always being rotated and can sometimes include Super Quads! We will also occasionally add free gifts to this bundle so check back often!


The high from Sour Diesel comes on users quickly in the form of a warm and pleasant head rush. An uplift in mood may be noticeable as well. Although Sour Diesel stimulates synaptic activity in the brain, the character of this head high is more spacey than intensely cerebral. Users may feel chatty if surrounded by others or somewhat introspective if enjoying the strain alone. For many, this soaring high is partially anchored by a slight feeling of physical relaxation. That said, a body stone that leads to full-on couchlock is rare. The sense of euphoria that comes with this variety may be helpful in treating some symptoms of mild stress, anxiety, or depression.

Budget Wonderland!

Top quality shake without breaking the bank, that's always been the Flash Buds promise. Our newest shake is mixed exclusively with our Black Series strains only and guaranteed to send you to the moon. This shake can be used in joints, bongs, pipes, or your favourite vape. Impress your friends with some of the most potent edibles they'll every try! These are only available in limited batches.

Smalls Deal!

Pink Pussy, a relative of OG Kush, is one of the most sought-after strains out there. It’s exceptionally hard to grow, making it even more desirable. It has breathtaking purple and pink hues. This strain is a phenotype of OG Kush, and, as such, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, with about a 90/10 ratio. Pink Pussy will put you to sleep after lighting it up, so don’t expect any energy after hitting this strain! Note: Medium & small sized buds only.


Now supplied directly by the folks over at Mary's Confectionary Universe / Elevated Wellness! Delta 8 clear distillate, solvent free, lab tested, and no additional additives! Distillate is a cannabis extract in which the final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid. Use it to refill your carts, vape pens, or expand your concentrates! This product is 99% pure Delta 8 THC with 1% mixing agent. Uses: Pain management, appetite regulation, sleeping aid, inflammation, and arthritis. Note that Delta 8 is derived from hemp and has a significantly lower psychoactive effect when compared to Delta 9. This product is best for consumers who are looking for pain management without getting high. To use this product effectively, we recommend heating it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (with the bottom cap removed) and then pushing the syringe gently. The syringes can also be placed in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes before usage Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk options here.


Although the aroma and flavor are quite airy and light, the high produced by this strain feels heavy and dirty on the body. Like any Indica-dominant hybrid worth its reputation, Mango Sapphire produces a potent body high sure to relax even the most stressed among us. Not long after your first few hits, you’ll experience an uplifting and creative head high that will have you focused and attentive. Need it in bulk? Check out our bulk option here.

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