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Taste the Rainbow


THC Skittles


Truly taste the rainbow with these delicious treats! The Skittles you know and love with an added kick! Each pack comes with 20 pieces. Try all your favourite flavours! Note: This is a low THC product and perfect for micro-dosing throughout the day. This is not meant for a long-term high. These products are not infused with THC but instead use a technique to spray THC distillate directly onto the product resulting in approximately 400mg per pack.


A delicious night time treat! These chocolates are infused with high quality distillate creating a wonderful tasting but potent dessert. Use these to help you relax in the evening as you fall into a deep sleep. Each bag contains 3x 165mg pieces.


A childhood favourite treat! Experience a euphoric, but delicious, treat with the world's dankest gushers.


Sour Starburst's with an added twist! Enjoy these with caution as the high will slowly creep up on you.


A great way to micro-dose or wind down for the day. These Galaxy Edibles are a wonderful treat for any time during the day and are made from pure distillate. Each pack contains 150mg of THC total and come in either gummy bear or gummy worm shapes.

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Perfect dessert after dinner. They say sharing is caring, but we know you won’t want to part with this. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret…or you can blame it on the dog.


Enjoy 5 delicious gummies brought to you by Mamba Berries. Tasty and consistently great quality!

Visit Space!

What happens when you take the best craft flower on the market and turn it into edibles? A serious trip to space! Brought to you by the folks who created Astro Pink & Astro XO, these are edibles are cooked for the connoisseur. Each package contains 1x 500mg brain shaped edible. Use with caution, these are extremely potent! Start with a quarter piece before consuming the whole piece. Lot numbers indicate the packaged date. Bundle with any Super Quad strain and receive a $10 discount!

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Spaced Out Extracts is a small edible company operating out of Toronto,  specializing in THC and CBD infused gummies. These delicious treats are made with distillate and not something like RSO or full spectrum oil, they have no smell and have no cannabis taste making them perfect for your secret stash on the go. Read the review here.


What's better than an airhead? One that is infused with THC of course! Get ready to feel like you are on Cloud 9!

Extremely Potent!

Jolly Ranchers now in a gummy form and packing a punch! These are created inhouse and are guaranteed to be accurately dosed and extremely potent. Each bag contains 6 delicious 100mg pieces. We recommend starting with a quarter of a piece and waiting an hour before consuming more. Please note that these are extremely sour and not for the feint of heart!


Get the candy you crave, but with a dash of THC for a brand new experience. From Sour Keys to Peaches to Gummy Bears, edibles have never tasted so good.


A delicious way to microdose psilocybin. Start slow! This product contains 2500mg of psilocybin.


Dose is one of the leading producers of cannabis products in Canada creating a consistent user experience. Dose with confidence.


Darker, sultry cousin of Milk Chocolate. We lowered the dosage so you can enjoy more each time (trust us, you’ll want to eat the whole bar at once)

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